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Allstate Advertising Partnerships Bring Free Car Pricing And Home Relocation Consumer Online Services

Northbrook, Ill., Oct. 1999 - Allstate Insurance Company will begin providing free car pricing and home relocation consumer online services. Through advertising partnerships with and, Allstate brings valuable new car pricing, home and relocation information and insurance information to consumers. This marks the first time Allstate has entered into co-branding ventures with Internet companies to provide valuable consumer information via the web.

"We are excited about leveraging web technology to bring new auto and property-related resources to consumers," said Peter L. Stoutenburg, Marketing Director, Allstate Insurance Company. "We hope that by providing access to this information, we will ease the stress of new car buying, moving and insurance buying. Both sites make finding an Allstate agent or transferring to a new Allstate agent seamless.", the single largest guide to relocation, offers over 180,000 links in over 125 categories, sorted geographically to make moving easier. The site contains over 47,000 pages of helpful information, including a link to the Allstate agent Iocator, allowing the user to understand their new location before moving and locate an Allstate agent to discuss property insurance needs. "This effort exemplifies that relocation affects more than just the mover, said B. Scott Taylor, president and co-chairman, "We are happy to assist Allstate with a new way to stay in touch with their customers and provide valuable relocation assistance."

Digital developed and maintains an Allstate co-branded New Car Pricing Service site. It furnishes visitors with information about manufacturers retail costs for all makes and models of new cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. The site also offers an Allstate agent Iocator to help locate a nearby agent to service auto insurance needs. "Buying a car is traditionally a challenging task for most consumers," said Neal H. Halperin, CEO, "This site provides information that allows car buyers to educate themselves about new car pricing, financing, trade-in value, and now with the help of Allstate, insurance agent information." The sites can be accessed through the Allstate Insurance Company web site,, or at www. and www.

The Allstate Corporation is the nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurance company. Its main business units include Allstate Personal Property and Casualty, which provides insurance for more than 14 million households and has approximately 15,500 agents in the U.S. and Canada, and Allstate Life and Savings, which markets a number of life insurance and savings products under a variety of brands through a number of channels and is currently the nation's 17th largest life insurance business.


LaSalle Bank


Chicago, 111., July 19, 1999 --, a private label website alliance between DigitalCars and the LaSalle Banks, offers customers a smooth, easy and hassle-free car shopping experience. The site allows potential car buyers not only to gather specific information on any car model, hut to make contact with the closest dealer participating in the network. The LaSalle Banks are among the first financial institutions in the country to offer car shopping options online.

Bob Thomas. head of consumer lending for the LaSalle Banks~ said, "This alliance is yet another service to make our customers' life easier. It gives them convenience and peace of mind. Now they can walk into a dealership confident they will get a car at the most competitive price." He added, " relieves them from showroom haggling and still allows them to kick that tire -- without undue pressure from the sales force."

"The LaSalle Banks tire using today's technology to enhance their service offerings," said Neal Halperin, president of DigitalCars. He added, "This alliance is a win for everyone: It gives LaSalle access to our sophisticated internet software, extensive pricing databases and established dealer network; their customers can purchase new or used cars from our cooperating dealers at pre-negotiated competitive prices; and the car dealers get affinity-supported customer referrals, the highest quality of any internet-based car buying service." He continued, "As for DigitalCars, we receive exposure to an additional 400,000 customers at a fraction of the cost of our internet competitors."

In addition to helping people gather information quickly, links those ready to make a purchase to the dealer closest to them. Participant dealers are familiar with the LaSalle Banks and have agreed to sell cars to the bank's referrals at a highly attractive rate.

DigitalCars is an Internet car pricing and buying service located in the Chicago northern suburbs that provides private label car buying web sites to financial institutions and large affinity groups. DigitalCars currently has agreements with a network of 200 car dealers in and around Chicago.

With 120 locations and 675 ATMs, the LaSalle Banks -- LaSalle Bank N.A. and LaSalle Bank FSB -- form Chicago's second largest banking network. The LaSalle Banks are subsidiaries of Netherlands-based ABN AMRO Bank N.V., the world's eighth largest bank according to Tier 1 Capital, with assets of more than $500 billion and 3.500 locations in 74 countries and territories.

ABN AMRO is one of the largest foreign banking operations in North America with assets of $146 billion and more than 18,000 employees. Headquartered in Chicago with offices in 15 cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the bank's operations include ABN AMRO Incorporated, a full-service investment banking, advisor), and brokerage firm; ABN AMRO Asset Management (USA) Inc.; as well as Chicago's LaSalle Bank N.A., LaSalle Bank FSB. Standard Federal Bank of Michigan and EAB in New York.




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