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  Overall Product Strategy
DigitalCars provides a combination of Internet tools and a suite of services for FI’s (Financial Institutions) enabling them to improve their performance in the lending and marketing areas. We target expanding customer loan penetration rates, expanding their presence in the dealer market, and improving the ROI of the auto-lending department by increasing the revenue opportunities from every client you touch. Our approach is designed to provide some easy to implement, low cost technology based solutions. After demonstrated results, we establish a platform to provide more comprehensive services and technology.

  Private Label Car Buying/Financing Web Page – DC provides a car pricing and dealer referral page for FI’s that alert the auto-lending department of an imminent transaction. This improves the loan penetration rate for the FI’s existing customers.

Affinity Lending – DC combines the service above with a direct selling effort with our dealer network. The dealers agree to exchange high quality referrals for directing the financing opportunities back to the referring FI’s.

Direct/Indirect Lending – This service is a build on the previous two service offerings. We combine our Internet capability with a field service effort to convert the FI’s direct auto loan Customers into indirect Customers referred to the participating dealers. The dealers receive a fee for processing the loan. This program works best for a large indirect lender with an established dealer network. We send a proportionately small volume of direct FI’s Customers to the dealers as an incentive to submit more indirect opportunities to the FI’s.

Auto Advisor Program – This service involves stationing a DigitalCars employee in high traffic financial institution branches or busy call centers/customer service centers. Those members and customers that are interested in purchasing a vehicle are referred to the Auto Advisor for assistance. With the DigitalCars Internet application, we configure, compare, and price the vehicle, and locate a participating dealer. We take the loan application, submit it for approval, secure the sale of any warranty, gap, and credit life, and send the client into the dealer with a check or a draft to pick up their vehicle. This program improves customer satisfaction, improves loan penetration rates, and increases the sale of back end products.

Near Prime/Sub Prime Pass Through Financing – DC acts as an aggregator of Financing Sources for our predominantly prime lending FI’s that we represent. Our clients currently turn down approximately 75% of all loan applications they receive. DC has secured near prime/sub prime lending sources that will pay a fee to DC clients to pass the turn downs against the sub prime/near prime decisioning criteria. This service will allow our FI clients to increase fee revenues from 20 to 35% over current levels. Currently this is a manual process. The process will be automated by end of Q3, 2003.

Back End Products – DC has just launched private labeled Extended Warranty, Gap, and Credit Life products that we include in our suite of services. As we enable our FI’s clients to proactively capture the loan business, we present these products that will increase the fees generated from the lending portfolio.

Indirect Lending Field Support – Our most comprehensive service is to provide the “Feet in the Street” for our FI’s clients. DC has an established network of dealers in several major cities. If a FI desires to expand their indirect lending to other markets or in their existing geography, DC can provide representation to the dealers.


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